Entry Rules

The Finger Lakes International Wine Competition is open to all commercial wineries from anywhere in the world. Wines may be entered by wineries, or by their representative agents or importers.

Wine classes include varietals, blends of wines from any grape or fruit type and include sparkling, dessert, fortified, and fruit wines. Fruit-flavored wines are allowed, but must be specifically identified as flavored. Every wine entry must include a class entry code number, as listed in this form. We reserve the right to change a wine's classification if we deem it necessary.

In the case of Rieslings we will be using the rating system established by The International Riesling Foundation's Riesling Taste Profile based on an interplay of sugar, acid, and pH. For more information visit http://drinkriesling.com/tasteprofile/thescale.

Please be as accurate as possible with your residual sugar information; wines with no RS information will be considered dry and judged accordingly. Any wine that is considered by the panel of judges to be significantly different than its stated RS may be marked down or disqualified. Late Harvest and Ice Wines should be entered in their own varietal or proprietary class, and specifically identified as "Late Harvest" or "Ice Wine".

"Frozen Off the Vine" wines are permitted, but not classified as ice wine.

The information on each entry form is used to flight all competition entries. If a wine is entered as a generic or blend, please include the identity of the all the grapes or fruits.

All wines entered must be available for sale to the public. No "experimental" lots will be eligible. The price information requested is for suggested retail value in the United States. All prices must be listed in US Dollars. All wines should be priced according to the size bottle entered (375ml or 750ml).

Awards will be given for four levels of excellence: Double–Gold (unanimous panel vote), Gold, Silver, and Bronze. These awards will be represented by actual medals with a bottle neck ribbon.

Special annual awards are the John Rose Award for the highest scoring Riesling, the Crystal Grape Award for the highest scoring Ice Wine, and the Raul Castellani Award for the best South American Wine. Awards will also be given for the highest scoring Double–Gold Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cab Franc, Fruit Wine and Champagne/Sparkling.

Karl Rudolfs, Entry Manager at 800-785-2135

All competition results will be available on or before April 2, 2018 on this website. Notification by mail and awards will be sent to all winners by April 30, 2018.

Notification by mail and awards will be sent to all winners by April 30, 2017. For wineries earning Double Gold, Gold, Silver and/or Bronze awards, customizable bottle tags and shelf talkers are available here.

Bottle stickers will be available for purchase to use as a retail sales and promotional tool. To purchase these bottle stickers, call Karl Rudolfs at 1-800-785-2135



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