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Enter a World Class Competition With a World Class Purpose!

You are invited to enter the 18th Annual Finger Lakes International Wine Competition to benefit Camp Good Days and Special Times, a camp dedicated to bring smiles and memories to children with cancer! This year's competition will be held in Rochester, NY, on March 24 & 25, 2018. It is open to commercial wineries from all producing countries.

  • In 2017, we had 16 countries, enter more than 3,077 wines, judged by 52 prestigious judges from 11 countries, maintaining the highest international judging standards as we have since we began in 2000!

How We Judge Your Wines
  • Each wine is judged on its own merit—its presence, balance and varietal character - not by how it compares to other wines in the flight.
  • While it is common knowledge that wines go through various stages of quality development, each wine entered in FLIWC is judged for what it is at the time of judging - not for what it might become in the future.
  • Wines are blind judged in flights, with each wine identified only by a computer generated code number.
  • Each glass is labeled with this code number and the judges are given a scoring sheet with the number and the variety of the wine (i.e., Chardonnay).
  • All flights are staged in a separate back room and delivered to the judging room. Re-pours, when necessary, from a second unopened bottle are also staged in the back room and delivered to the judging room.
  • All wines are presented to the judges in Riedel crystal stemware.

Special Award Categories
  • JOHN ROSE AWARD for the top Riesling. Double Gold medal-winning Rieslings are judged again in a Finals Round to select this year’s best Riesling.
  • CRYSTAL GRAPE AWARD for the top Ice Wine will be selected from gold-medal-winning ice wines during a Finals Round for the top Ice wine. Double Gold medal-winning Ice wines are judged again in a Finals Round to select this year’s best Ice wine.
  • RAUL CASTELLANI AWARD for the best South American wine from any category.
  • BEST-IN-CLASS AWARDS will be given in the following categories: Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cab Franc, Fruit Wine and Champagne/Sparkling, along with their Double Gold medals.
  • Medals are awarded for all Double Gold, Gold, Silver, and Bronze winning wines.
  • All award-winning wines are featured on our web site within one week of the competition.

Award-winning wines will be featured at several public events following the competition, including a charitable gala to benefit Camp Good Days and Special Times. The Finger Lakes International Wine Auction and Dinner attracts more than 500 wine aficionados and collectors who gather for a fun evening of wine tasting, dinner and an auction of medal wines, one-of-a kind items, and wonderful experiences.



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